American Power LP

limited edition, 180 gram audiophile vinyl, 24" x 36" poster


the LP - Art Meets Audio

Photographer Mitch Epstein and cellist Erik Friedlander have collaborated on a new limited edition LP entitled, American Power.The 500 hand-numbered albums are signed by both artists, and feature 6 new solo cello compositions, gate-fold artwork by Mitch Epstein, as well as a two-sided, 24x36 inch poster of Epstein’s photographs and the handwritten score. No expense was spared on this project: the sleeve is custom printed, the lp was manufactured using audiophile specs, and the poster was produced by Prestone Printed in Long Island City, New York, on 100# McCoy Silk text paper under supervision of the artist.



In 2003, Mitch Epstein began American Power, a five-year long, twenty-five state investigation of energy production and consumption in the United States, and how they had become manifest in the country's landscape and culture. His interest lay in the notion of power; in the overlap of electrical, corporate, civic, religious, environmental, commercial, governmental, and artistic power.

American Power won the 2011 Prix Pictet award, whereupon Epstein was invited to present the project that July at Les Rencontres d’Arles. To broaden his perspective on his own work, he asked musician Erik Friedlander to collaborate. Friedlander composed music inspired by the American Power pictures; and on a July night in a Roman amphitheater, Friedlander performed his music on the cello in tandem with Mitch, who narrated the project’s history, while behind them the photographs were projected on a cinematic screen.